Our SEO Process

Our Current SEO Process

The following is how we work with clients today to increase traffic and business through their website.

Situation Assessment and Discovery:  Before we start the process of optimization, we assess your current situation.  That assessment includes:

  • Your current business situation, your business goals and strategies. We believe that an internet marketing strategy should dovetail with your other strategies.
  • Your current website situation: We are looking for a number of issues that may affect your short term and long term website performance.  These are critical elements that typically affect your internet presence. Most of them can negatively impact rankings so we want to make sure we identify them up front.
    • Website Structure:
      • Poor website structure
      • Poor navigation
      • Slow download speed
      • Hosting issues
      • Malware, virus’s
      • Not mobile friendly
      • No canonical resolution
    • Content Issues:
      • Duplicate Content
      • Grammatical and spelling issues
      • Over optimized content
      • Weak calls to action
      • Duplicate title tags and meta descriptions
      • No title tags or meta descriptions
    • Domains:
      • Dubious domain history
      • Other domains owned
      • Multiple websites
      • Interlinked websites
    • Inbound links:
      • Low quality inbound links
      • Spammy inbound links
      • Unnatural link profile
      • Google manual penalty
    • Web properties.
      • Company data inconsistent across all properties
      • Old email address or phone numbers
      • Phony or non-existent addresses
      • Duplicate local listings with different data
    • Most sites we review have a couple of the issues mentioned; sometimes just addressing these issues can result in a boost in traffic. If you site passes all these issues, then we can safely move to the next level.  In general the time and effort spent here will depend on what issues we find.   If you have some serious inbound linking issues, link clean up may take a while.  If you have dozens of duplicate listings, it will take time to claim them all and do a good clean up. Website structural issues can take time to resolve.

Search Behavior Gap Analysis: We review all the related search phrases that are being used and determine content gaps.

  • Generate 100’s of potential keywords
  • Evaluate keywords based on relevance, search volume and competition.
  • Work with client to select best keywords
  • Map keywords to existing content – identify content gaps

Content Optimization:

  • Create content to fill in “gaps” identified previously
  • Optimize all existing content

Ongoing optimization

  • Create social media properties if they don’t exist
  • Work social media properties to increase followers
  • Create highly useful and informative content
  • Push content out through social media channels – include press releases and paid posts
  • Identify and pursue “safe” links (ie chamber of commerce, suppliers and customers, industry directories.

The idea of ongoing optimization is twofold:

  1. By creating more content, one will generate more traffic
  2. By pushing content out through various channels, the chance of people linking to these posts increases substantially (provided content is worthwhile) IE creating natural links.


Measure/report/adjust strategy