Affordable Website Solutions

Affordable Website Solutions

Websites are the foundation of an internet marketing strategy.   It should reflect your branding, convey your key selling points and help grow your business.    A website should have the following characteristics:

  • Look professional
  • Secure
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast downloading
  • Mobile friendly
  • Search engine friendly
  • Meets your business objectives

We can build websites that meet the above objectives and more.    We have dozens of production centers at our disposal that have been providing internet solutions for over 20 years!

We do the Work:  You need to spend your time running your business, not building websites.  We can handle all aspects of the website development including content writing, design and even photography if needed.    We know what we are doing and don’t require you to get involved in every minor detail.   If we have a question, we usually have a proposed solution for you to approve.

Fast Turn Around:  Many of our sites are completed in a matter of 2-3 weeks.   We pride ourselves on being responsive and creative.    We have been doing this a long time, and we have become very proficient at building websites.  Our step by step process maximizes our efficiency.

Strategic:  Your website should be a sales funnel,  drawing visitors in, presenting them with your unique selling points and getting them to email you are call you, sign up for a newsletter with enticing calls to action.   Each page should have a purpose that fits in with the overall strategy of your website.

Affordable:   Many of our competitors are charging 2-3 times the prices we are and getting the same results or less.   Our target market is small to medium sized businesses and we understand that your marketing budget is limited.  We will work within your budget constraints and provide you a solution that best meets your business needs.

The majority of our websites are built on WordPress; however we also are versed in a variety of other platforms such as Drupal and Joomla.   We are familiar with a vast number of ecommerce platforms.

Call us and we will give you a budgetary quote over the phone for most applications.